Application of Natural Plant extract in functional Health Food

The outline of Food and Nutrition Development in China 2014-2020, issued by the State Council, points out that the rapid development of nutrition and health industry constitutes a modern pattern of "big health industry". As a new trend of health industry, functional food with plant extract as raw material will "enter into thousands of households and eat three meals a day in the coming period".

In March of this year, the food raw materials development team of Yuansen Biological Plant extract conducted a one-month field survey on the functional food consumption market on this theme. The results showed that the dietary raw materials were deficient in protein and dietary fiber. Minerals and amino acids are the main factors contributing to the expansion of functional food consumption. In combination with the popular categories of functional food raw materials from the source plant extracts, the development team used spicy wood leaf powder, The practical application and content data of "main inducement" components of functional food were analyzed and measured by a series of specialties.

1. "Poor's milk" spicy wood leaf powder

Known as "mother's best friend" in Africa, known as the poor's milk, it is rich in nutrients and comprehensive, is one of India's indispensable daily food. Of course, in modern functional food applications, chilli leaf powder is most valued by health food manufacturers for its protein, dietary fiber, and mineral content.

The protein and minerals of gelatin powder are essential elements to maintain human health and human body can not be synthesized by themselves. Dietary fiber promotes digestion and regulates blood sugar, which is of great importance to most white-collar workers with weak intestines and stomach. According to GB / T 5009.5-2003GB / T 5009.88-2008 UV and GB / T 10470-2008 National Standard of Food Safety, the protein content of dried wood powder was ≥ 27.1g, dietary fiber ≥ 19.2%, mineral content ≥ 4.8% by UV, according to GBP / T5009.5-2003GB / T5009.88-2008UV and GB / T10470-2008, respectively. This is far higher than most other similar plant extracts food raw materials.

2. "Noble Lengyan" Ejiao Powder

For a long time , the donkey - hide gelatin paste , donkey - hide gelatin red date powder and donkey - hide gelatin powder have been on the shelf of TV advertisement , online shop window and high - grade health - care product for a long time , so the reason why the donkey - hide gelatin powder is so popular is welcomed by the " high - end consumer group " ?

In this regard, The Food Raw material Development team of Plant extracts from Sendsen found that the ingredients of "main inducement" were determined by automatic amino acid analyzer on the basis of GB/T 5009.124-2003 "determination of Amino acids in Food". The quality of home-made pure Ejiao powder is superior to that of the end product in that the ratio of% L- hydroxyproline ≥ 8.0, glycine ≥ 18.0, alanine ≥ 7.0 and L-proline ≥ 10.0. Both glycine and alanine are used by the human body to produce antibody proteins against bacterial viruses and maintenance. Regulating metabolism L- hydroxyproline, the main amino acid component, can better help the body rebuild collagen, accelerate the regeneration and renewal of elastin-this will keep our skin alive; L- proline is one of the most important amino acids in the synthesis of human protein and has been used as a nutritional supplement and flavor agent in various food industries.

3. "the Power of Life" Maka Powder

In 2011, the Ministry of health, according to the food safety law of People's Republic of China and the new resources food management method, approved Marca as a new resource food. The unique bioactive substances and plant chemical components of Marca powder can help the human body to fight aging and promote human health.

International plants, biologists after in-depth study of macaroni powder, found that in addition to the rich amino acids necessary for the human body, the high content of protein and dietary fiber is the promotion of macaroni powder tablets, cakes, Honey intake and other functional food applications are becoming more and more popular determinants.

Nowadays, when more and more chronic diseases are accompanied by our daily life, "medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement" has to a great extent not satisfied the strong demand for health care of people, but the production of functional food for specific people. It conforms to the development trend of public health consumption, and establishes the important position of high quality natural plant extract food raw materials in the modern "big health industry" pattern.

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