Forecast of Development Prospect of Chinese Market

This paper studies the production, consumption and future development trend of plant extracts from global and Chinese markets. This paper focuses on the analysis of the major manufacturers' characteristics, product specifications, price, output, output value and market share of major manufacturers in the global and Chinese markets.
In terms of the main types of products, this paper provides the main specifications of each product and the price of each specification. It also shows the total production, growth rate, market share and average price forecast of different kinds of plant extracts from 2013 to 2023. The main categories include:

Stem and leaf extraction

Fruit extraction

Root lift


For the main application areas of plant extracts, this paper provides detailed analysis of the main fields, the major customers (buyers) in each field and the scale, market share and growth rate of the plant extracts purchased in each field. Key areas of application include

pharmaceuticals industry

food service industry

Cosmetic industry

Nutrition and health products industry

Feed industry

Pesticide industry

In view of the development of the United States, Europe, Japan, China and other regions, this paper also analyzes the production and consumption status and future trends of plant extracts in these regions, including the total production, consumption and growth rate, historical data from 2013 to 2017. The future forecast is 2023.

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